Alez’s experience

Growing with CDNA within my community as a reference for young people and other adults

My experience with CDNA it has been amazing and I can assure that it has been incredible.

I started cooperating with them in health promotion around La Comarca Ngöbe Buglé. Initially learning about ITS’s and how to prevent them, gaining sufficient knowledge and confidence to talk about it with people from the community.  Then, I have started advocating and informing other young people about it so they can act responsibly with themselves and in their relationships.

Sex Educaion feels that it has been forgotten by the government and ministry of education for years. But CDNA came and have provided me and others with relevant information and tools to work in reducing the negative impact that they have among people in the Comarca Ngöbe- Buglé.

In addition to that, while supporting CNDA, I have met people from different backgrounds. Which has make me open my mind to new ideas and perspectives about the world and other cultures. I have shared my knowledge about the Ngöbe-Buglé by teaching people about our culture, way of life, language, music, etc. Also to other panamenians that visited La Comarca for the first time in their lifes.

The thing that I like the most about CDNA is that as well as supporting projects in the comarca, motivate people to grown beyond their intial idea. Doing better for themselves and their own communities.


Ben’s experience

My experience with CDNA in La Comarca Ngobe Bugle, Panama

I really enjoyed volunteering with CDNA. As a development organization I feel that it goes far beyond the services and programs that are currently available in rural Panama and that it fills an important gap where the government and community resources fall short of serving the people.

What I loved about working with CDNA was the creative ways that we worked with people and the connections that were made with individuals. We listened to them, found out about who they are and adjusted our strategy of helping them, so that they could really help themselves.

It was amazing to see how Amanda is helping to shape the future society of Panama by creating connections with health professionals across the country and elegantly incepting them to work more effectively and compassionately to address the leading health concerns.

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