Training and Resources

The idea of Health varies considerably depending where do you ask. It is also very complex to define because it is intricate in many aspects of humans life and socio-cultural knowledege. Therefore we use the definition of health promotion from the WHO:

“…as the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health”.

WHO, Health promotion glosary 1998


CDNA has been working in different areas providing support for new training and adding quality to the physical, mental and well being of their people in the ways that have been considered more adequate to their reality.

Healthy relationships and sexuality workshops have been run since CDNA’s inception. These workshops include human relationships, sexual health, STI’s and HIV, knowledge about transmission and prevention.

HIV/AIDS care workshops have also been focused among tradicitional doctors and birthing assistants in  the Comarca Ngöbe Buglé, in order to birdge the gap between traditional and western healthcare systems.

At times CDNA also helps with the procurement of laboratory and western health center item that are urgently needed in primary care facilities in rural Panama.

CDNA works to ensure health promotion workshops are within guidelines of the World Health Organisation and local health governing systems.

CDNA is also driven to ensure that health education is focused in resource inequitable or resource-poor settings, and that these programs can be carried on in the future by communities and local organisations.