Initially, we have started in the Azuero peninsula of Panama, a rural area of the country. Despite the skyscrapers that rise only in the capital city, the country itself has great lack of development that affect a large number of people.

The projects at the origin of the organisation include providing potable water to rural communities, educational programs, improving small scale agricultural practices, rural sanitation and facilitating health care services.

As the time has passed we have been moving to different areas of the country and have worked in the area of Panama city, the northen area of Colon (northen part of the country and the other side of the Canal looking and the Cariben sea), the city of Santiago (forth biggest city of the country and that converge the rural wealth of Azuero peninsula, to the south, and the natural connection with the west), and the comarcas Embera (at the easter part of the country) and Ngobe Bugle (at the western part of the country).

We have gained expertice and experince thanks to the colaboration and participation of many volunteers and we plan to continue growing. Now with a special focus in three areas: