Volunteering is one of this things in life that you have to do at least once, like planting a tree, dance under rain, see the sunrise…

This time could be your opportunity to join us in this adventure of life and experince it for your own.

Would you like to join us developing one of our projects? If the answer is Yes. Drop a line in the following form and we will contact you.

Explain us a bit about yourself: Who is the person at the other side of the screen, what would you like to to do with us, what do you want to achive with a project, how we can help you achiving your ideas, where would you like to do it, skills, interest, likes… Anything you feel you want to share with us and we will come back to you

    Here you can find some of the experinces from other people who has joined us over the years. Find the tag past volunteers and read about their experience with us.

    It is another of our ways of thanking our past volunteers for sharing their time and enthusiasm with us to make this world a better place to leave.